Benefits of joining the Association of Trainers

Save money!

•    Avoid having to pay the JAUPT Centre Registration fees ‘up front’ and use The Association’s ‘Pay as you go’ courses
•    Sharing of ‘pre-registered’ courses, giving the ability to offer a wide syllabus and avoid duplication of course registration. Our modules cost around £3,000 to register each year!
•    Up to 22 half day modules available ‘ready to deliver’ including supporting DVDs etc. Supplementary training materials are available for some courses (at additional cost). There are some specialised courses, such as First Aid (Certificated), which require the accreditation of the trainer to deliver.
•    Updates to courses for revised legislation and regulations
•    Bulk purchase discounts for training materials (e.g. booklets and TSO publications such as Highway Codes etc)
•    Shared development costs for new training aids, such as bespoke booklets and videos aimed at periodic training subjects
•    Administrative assistance in entering data into DVSA database and certificate production.

Quality and ‘best practice’
•    Pooling of knowledge and best practice
•    Representation at stakeholders meetings (DVSA, Sector Skills etc)
•    Participation in the development of the National Occupational Standards for Trainers
•    Trainers will in the future be able to be accredited to the recognised National Occupational Standard
•    Possibility of accredited tests or ‘Awards’, if customers require drivers to have additional proof of learning as part of a driver CPC course
•    Use of Association logos and accreditations
•    Website, with information, links and forums

Centre registration – training organisations can either:-

(a)     register their own training centres directly with the JAUPT at £1,500 (one off payment) for five years OR-
(b)     use the Association’s centre registration at a cost of £95 each year – this is to fund periodic audits by The Association.

Course registration - organisations can either:-

(i)    (having firstly registered their own training centre – see above) register their own course(s) at £252 per 7 hour course (£36 per hour) with JAUPT – (this would be £1260 per annum to offer five different courses concurrently) and pay for data upload (£8.75 per driver per 7 hour course) and purchase their own appropriate training materials via the Association OR-

(ii)    use Association courses pre-registered with the JAUPT for a cost of £17.75 per delegate per each 7 hour course. The charge includes:- data upload fee (£8.75 per driver per 7 hour course, data entry time fee, production of attendance certificates and use of pre-registered courses. Course materials are part of the course files (downloadable from the ASOT website) and can be produced by Members themselves or, alternatively, can be provided by the Association for a small charge varying from a few pence up to £5 per delegate, dependent on course.